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Little Lambs Early Childhood Center is committed to fostering your child’s education and growth. We’re more than “daycare,” we are childcare to help your children thrive! Our team strives to offer the best environment possible for your children to excel—and for you to take comfort knowing they are looked after with the individual attention and care they deserve.

Early Childhood Center in Effingham, IL
Planning your child’s education as early as possible is crucial.
Early Childhood Center in Effingham, IL | Little Lambs Early Childhood Center

Our Top-Class Facilities


Our building has been completely remodeled! We have 4 infant-toddler classrooms and 3 preschool rooms, in addition to two playgrounds—one for the younger and the older children. Our capacity is 118.

State Offered Financial Aid is available! We have the applications and can help you through the entire process for approval. Use the state’s eligibility calculator here.

Our Childcare & Preschool Classes

​​Infant Class

​​Ages: 6 Weeks-10 Months

Our infant room holds a maximum of eight children. The ratio in the classroom is 1:4. Every child is assigned a “primary caregiver” — this person builds a close, caring relationship with your child, feeding, changing, and comforting as needed. In the infant room, the child is the curriculum. The staff works on the development of each child according to their needs in language, fine and gross motor, feeding, diapering, sleeping, and social-emotional growth.

Early Childhood Center in Effingham, IL

Wobbler Class

​​Ages: 6-15 Months

Our larger room is used for older mobile infants. Primary caregivers are assigned depending on how the attachments form in the classroom. Our developmental checklist guides the teachers in planning the curriculum. Children are introduced to chairs with trays low to the ground, cots for naps for older infants, and art once a week. Children continue to grow in all developmental areas. Our Wobbler room has twelve students with three teachers.

Early Childhood Center in Effingham, IL

Toddler Class

​​Ages: 15-30 Months

At this age, your child will grow in language, fine and gross motor, and social and emotional skills through daily experiences in the classroom. Art and sensory activities are added daily at this age. Weekly themes with projects, play, and music help our little ones develop through hands-on experiences. Three teachers maintain a ratio of 1:5 with no more than 15 children in the room.

Early Childhood Center in Effingham, IL

Two Year Old Class

​​Ages: 24-36 Months

The 2-year-old classroom is all about growing independence! Our staff works diligently with parents to assist with potty training. By three, all children must be potty trained to move up to the preschool classroom. In our two’s classroom, we begin with letters, numbers, colors, and shapes along with continued language development, social-emotional skills, and fine and gross motor skills throughout the daily routines and interactions. We have three staff with a maximum of 16 students.

Early Childhood Center in Effingham, IL

Preschool 1, Preschool 2, & Preschool 3

All preschool classes provide preschool Monday through Friday, 8:00-11:00 AM. By meeting the needs of individual children and setting age-appropriate goals, children will learn at their own pace and be motivated and challenged to learn. Children will practice social skills: cooperation, listening, sharing, taking turns, and following directions. They will be introduced to large and small muscle skills and creative expression through dramatic play, music, art, colors, shapes, body parts, and numbers 1-20.

Early Childhood Center in Effingham, IL

Pre-Kindergarten Class

The pre-kindergarten curriculum is a thematic curriculum, and the theme is applied throughout the day in all the subject areas. We cover a different theme each month. We tie the theme into the letter of the week, shape and color of the month, as well as in math, science, social studies, music, and art.

Math skills are taught through hands-on activities with bears, unifix blocks, pattern blocks, tangrams, and more. Your child will also learn sorting, matching, graphing, patterning, counting, one-to-one correspondence, comparisons, and measurement.
We will also teach your child letters, sounds, rhyming, syllables, compound words, initial and ending sounds, as well as blending sounds to form words.

We also emphasize social-emotional skills that your child needs for success in school.
Your child will also have assistance in developing fine and gross motor skills, colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.

We teach language and reading skills along with writing.

Art and the expressive arts are included daily for self-expression and creativity.
The Bible curriculum teaches Bible stories as well as Christian morals and values. This also involves learning lots of songs and prayers.

Early Childhood Center in Effingham, IL

Kindergarten Prep Class

This class prepares children for Kindergarten in every area. By using basics of a Saxon Kindergarten curriculum for reading and math, children are well prepared.

Our kindergarten prep curriculum is also thematic, based on the interests of the children. The theme is interwoven throughout the classroom in every aspect of learning.

In the curriculum, your child will develop language and reading skills, recognizing and writing names, as well as essential social-emotional skills.

Learning experiences build on the curriculum already explored in previous classes in science, math, social studies, and art.

Our Bible curriculum teaches a new Bible story every week, along with lessons to apply it to your child’s life. We sing, praise, and pray throughout our day, making Jesus an important focus in life.
The class takes several field trips during the school year and counts on parent participation for special activities.

Building The Foundation

We teach foundational language and literacy skills. We work with your child on name recognition and writing, letters and sounds, reading, and language skills. The letters are taught through our letter of the week curriculum.We encourage families to join us in reading to children as much as possible. Reading to children is the #1 key to success in reading in school!

Christian-Focused Curriculum

The thematic curriculum presents math, science and social studies topics to explore. The Bible curriculum teaches Bible stories as well as Christian morals and values. Small and large group activities, and experiences in a wide variety of social studies and science activities through thematic units will keep children excited about school. Children will learn counting to 20, recognizing numerals 1-10, sorting, matching, one to one correspondence, graphing, measuring and comparing. These classes challenge children to learn school skills: enthusiasm for learning, persistence, motivation, and creative and critical thinking.
Christian Early Childhood Center in Effingham, IL

Christian Education

The Bible curriculum at Little Lamb’s Early Childhood Center teaches one Bible story per week, starting with creation, through stories in the Old Testament. We celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas time and continue through stories about Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible. We talk about how Jesus died on the cross and rose again to save all people. We learn that God is our creator. He guards and protects us, takes care of us, comforts and heals us, and forgives us. Jesus helps us live a life of love and service to Him for what He has done for us.

Christian morals, values, and beliefs are interwoven throughout the day at Little Lamb’s Early Childhood Center. We sing and pray, talk openly about Jesus, and share lessons about how we live to show our love for Jesus.

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